Personal Carbon Offset
Our Carbon Calculator allows you to compensate for your carbon usage on a personal or family level. Air travel, especially long trips, is one of the worst things an individual can do for the climate. For many, though, swearing off flying isn’t a viable option. That’s where carbon offsets can come in. Calculate your usage here.
Company Carbon Offset Program
Carbon offsets compensate for your emissions by canceling out greenhouse gas emissions somewhere else in the world. The money you pay to buy offsets supports our Majestic Adventures Carbon Credit programs. No matter the size of your company we can offer you a solution for your carbon offset requirements. Our carbon credits are certified by the Government of Costa Rica.
Tree for Life Program
If you are alive right now, you can thank a tree! Yes one of the many gifts mother nature has provided to us humans is trees. A gift we have hardly taken notice of since humans have been around.
This program also supports strengthening biodiversity withing the forest.

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